“Nevro in Greek is the fibres in the body that transmits impulses of sensation to the brain. Everything in our human body, from the muscles and organs is connected with Nevro. Undoubtedly, the blazer is considered the most essential part of a wardrobe, just like nervous system is to the human body.  

Iconic, Powerful, Elegant. 

An emblem. A timeless classic for all occasions.”

Powerful Attitude.  Cool Elegance.

Handmade in Greece, the signature Nevro blazers are iconic, and yet adaptable with limitless interpretations.

Meant for the woman who is bold and elegantly rebellious.
A free spirit who embraces all the layers of her personality: the lady, the tomboy, the businesswoman, the trailblazer. A persona that complements her male alter ego and remains eternally feminine.

As her instinct has always been the exact opposite of what others are doing, Eleanna Tabouri always looked for the niches, the uncharted territories.

How to try and do things your way.

With great love for aesthetics- not just fashion but the idea of Beauty- she created Portraits of Elegance, an online creative space in 2008. This offered her a great freedom to discover fashion, art, architecture and design, to make her a thinker and accurate observer.

“It was an idea of self-creation through culture and creativity.”

As a head of artistic direction since 2010 of her family’s boutique hotel “Palea Poli”, a 1900 historic mansion in northern Greece, she knew by heart the property’s DNA and she helped refresh both structure and brand without changing its authenticity until today.

The challenge for creating something new was high. “The greater the challenge , the higher the growth” she claims.

The idea of creating blazers occurred from the perfect contradiction. The Nevro woman is a symbol of possibilities and has many personalities co-existing. She is a lady, a tombody, a businesswoman, a trailblazer.

It is Complexity vs Simplicity. Just like Blazers.

Simple cut but complex to design.

   World  of  Eleanna Tabouri

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Founder  /  Creative Director

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