“I Tell The Stars About You”

Creative Director : Eleanna Tabouri
Photographer Szilveszter Mako
Make up / Hair Chiara Giangrossi
Model : Vas
Photo Assistant Gianluca Malavolta

I Tell The Stars About You

SS23 collection “I Tell The Stars About You” is an imaginary scenery of a summer story. 

The campaign unfolds the DNA of the Nevro woman, a powerful, feminine, multi-faceted persona. Classic and statement pieces worn in the most bold, ultra-feminine and seductive way from day to night.
Through the distorted mirror, the model unfolds her presence, body, soul and personality.
A self-representation in the search for a “true-self”. 
The Nevro female, a true dandy and an exuberant personality, combines perfectly the incurably romantic and the sexy, loosing-yourself mood at night through the new SS23 collection. 
Proof that the Woman is a world of fabulous contradictions. 
The color palette of black and white prevails with the intense presence of powerful vivid colors like fire red.

“Summer in the City”

Creative Director : Eleanna Tabouri
Photographer : Katerina Irlin
Stylist : Anna Katsanis
Make up / Hair Chiara Giangrossi
Model : Grasee
Photo Assistant : Darin Burch
Video Production : Nikhil Chiltre
Glam : Joseph Carrillo

Summer in the City

NYC based photographer Katerina Irlin captures the vibes of the city that never sleeps in chic and sleak Nevro Blazers to prepare you with the wardrobe essentials for the warmer months.

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Capsule Limited Edition Collection
For the Bicentennial Initiative Greece 1821-2021

Creative Director : Eleanna Tabouri
Photographer : Mara Lazaridou
Stylist : Stefanos Malamas
Make up / Hair Natasa Keramida
Model : Esther Mastroyianni
Video Production :

A Themed Collection

2021 marks 200 years since Greece began its successful fight for independence, after almost 400 years of Ottoman rule. Liberty became negotiable no longer and many would prove that with their own lives, decade after decade until the whole country was free to govern its own fate. The sheer determination and unwillingness to give up is astounding.

Protecting Craftmanship

At Nevro we are marking 2021 with our limited edition Capsule Collection,“ Thourios” after the poem written by Rigas Ferraios in 1797, nearly two decades before the Greek revolution.
In the poem-song, “Thourios” urges his fellow Greeks to throw off the chains of the Ottomans. For the Bicentennial Initiative the design team was inspired by the Greek Heritage. Folklore dancers of Naoussa Imathia participated at the photoshoot while it took place at the founder’s parallel career, a 1900 mansion turned into a 4 star boutique hotel.
Eleanna Tabouri aimed to pay homage to her roots, honoring tradition, blending the past with the present.

“Find Yourself”

Creative Director : Eleanna Tabouri
Photographer : Mara Lazaridou
Stylist : Stefanos Malamas
Make up / Hair Natasa Keramida
Model : Alisha
Video Production :


Clothes with softness, liberation, comfort, individuality and timelessness. A modern cooleness and casualism with an essence of couture. Easy, fluid, fierce. very like a boss. A heir wear and look.


Confident for women who aren’t afraid to pursue a dream or a career and enjoy ιt. Clothes with movement, structure, power and strength. Feminine, sophisticated that completes an outfit in a way that solidifies everything on you for the entire day.
“a Lady, a Tomboy , a Businesswoman, a Trailblazer. Everything and All.”
- Eleanna Tabouri

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